the philosophy

These aren’t just board games. 

This is time spent with your family. 

TABULA LUDUM is an online store of board games for every member of your family. 

TL solves the issue of many parents who care about "How to spend time with your family". 

For this purpose, the online store TL collects board games that bring families together. 


Board Games

When creating games, the company Marbushka only uses organic materials: paper, wood, canvas. Also the visual embodiment of their fantasies is amazing and talented. These might be the most unusual games you have ever seen.


These are unusual dolls. The every doll has unique its story. So it is more interesting, a real character falls into your hands. And the swirl of stories and fantasies will whirl around you.

The dolls made by the company Marbushka.


Do you believe in miracles? I believe it. So I collected amazing Christmas ornaments, which help to fulfill wishes. You don't believe? Just check it.

The all decor presented in the store was found by me in mysterious antique shops, rare flea markets or I share my decor checked for magic, because I want everyone to have a Miracle!


About me

owner Tabula Ludum, photographer, children's writer, mom and wife

Hello, my friends!

I tell you my story "Why and For What" I created Tabula Ludum store.

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