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"BEAR CAME ALONG" by Richard T.Morris and Leuyen Pham

Today I would like to speak with you about this lovely little tale that has a deeper message of unity, camaraderie, and a friendship between anybody despite their differences.

What is this story by Richard T. Morris? This is about a amazing forest animal adventure! One day bear who is all alone, caught up in the river. Along the way he meets other delightful creatures that end up joining him on his journey downstream on the river. 

The river flows through every page of the story and, as like brings bear, frog, turtle, beaver, raccoon, and duck together by showing how friends can help each other along the way. The importance of friendship isn’t always apparent until an event that forces you to work together shows you how helpful one another can be. This is touching story of friendship!

I'm in awe of the watercolor illustrations by LeUyen Pham! I love how this book creates the friendship through colors. The book starts off as mostly black and white then adds more color to the pages as more forest friends join in. The animals are particularly wonderful and funny, the details in the trees and rocks and other plants are amazing and beatiful.

The physical quality of the paper and construction is high quality.

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