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How to choose picture books for kids?

First of all parents should ask what interest their children have at this moment. Maybe this is a fantastic adventure or tale about animals, or detective stories. The best way is choosing right book for your children - knowing their favorite games, characters, hobbies.
Second part which you could make to pay attention - topic covered in the book. What questions does the book answer, is there an idea in it that you would like to talk to your children about? Select books that help your children choose virtue over evil, find a right conclusion and learn friendship, empathy, kindness.
Of course, are the illustrations of a picture book well done? Does a book have dangerous drawings? Do images correspond to the storyline?
Vivid clear imagery stimulates the mind & imagination of children.
Picture books are also a wonderful source of language development, requiring your child to interpret the illustrations as the story progresses.
Do you have your personal criteria for choosing children's books? Please share with us.

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